Monday, September 9, 2013

Assignment 1

Last class we saw some Youtube Videos on cyber bullying and internet safety.
For each video you are expected to have a 4-5 line summary of what the video means to you.

Talent Show


Words Hurt

Illuminate Cyberbullying 

The Kitchen 


  1. Talent Show - Cyberbullying is the worst kind of bullying. You dont just hurt others, you can also damage their feelings. By sharing or posting mean comments isnt going to make you cool in fact it might ruin you as as you ruined the person you hurt. Your words can change people. Sometimes cyberbullying leads to suicide.

    Words Hurt - Before you say things that may hurt others, you should think first. You never know what the person really feels inside. And judging others can totally ruin them physically and emotionally.Dont say things online that you wouldnt say in reality. So basically, you shouldnt say things to people that you wouldnt want to hear them say to you.

    The Kitchen - Sometimes the people you think is your friend isnt really your friend. You cant fully trust anyone. Everyone has a side of them that doesnt care about others but themselves. You also never know that the person youre telling everything to, is the person spreading rumors about you. Thats why you should trust nobody but yourself.

    Kamille Ramirez 8-73

  2. Talent Show - There is a group passively watching the whole thing unfold in their eyes. If the group was there, and they were watching the person get cyberbullied, if they didn't actually hate the girl then they should have done something to stop it.The assailant also shouldn't have made such accusations against the victim.

    Words Hurt - Cyberbullying gets compared to physical bullying in this video. The group that insulted the girl should have thought: "If I was being bullied like this, would I like it?" For most people, it's a "no". So they shouldn't have started it, or continue it.

    Aibel Buenviaje 8-16

    The Kitchen - The starting insult was pretty unexpected. There was a lot of anomosity towards the victim, even going as far as insulting family members. It was kind of hinted that the mother of the victim saw the messages, although the assailant shouldn't have assumed such things against the mother, since she is only a child.


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