Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This is a Common Craft Video

I want you to make a video using the paper cutout format.  You will use a math problem to demonstrate your knowledge.

Here are the three math problems:

1. There are 36 painters on a crew.  On a certain day 29 were present.  What percent showed up for work? (Round to the nearest tenth)

2.  A student answered 86 problems on a test correctly and received a grade 98%. How many problems were on the test, if all the problems were worth the same number of points? (Round to the nearest whole number)

3. A store has a sale on shirts.  They are offereing a 20% discount.  The origonal price of the shirt is $18.  What is the sale price? What is the total price including taxes (5% GST 8% PST)

4. I am wondering what the better deal is? 50% off of a jacket or 25% off of a jacket today but 25% off of the discounted price tomorrow.  If the jacket is $210 what are the sale prices of the jacket.

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