Thursday, October 30, 2014

These are the three assignments due for Term 1.  All need to be at your blog.  Each post must be labeled with your name and assignment name.

Timeline Assignment

Here is your next assignment.  You are going to use your timeline assignment and create a presentation in Google Drive.

Please have a slide for each event in your life.  Each slide should have the date, event and a picture that has the proper usage rights from the internet.

Once you have made your first presentation you need to redo your presentation.

Make a copy of it at Google Drive.  Using the presentation below create 15 font slides that explain the events in your life.  Following the Font Slides you will use blank slides to have images that back up what you are talking about. Remember two presentations.

Title your post #####'s Timelines
Label your post timeline, username

Then Publish your blog post.  All edits will be changed as you change them at Google Drive.

Here is the font Presentation

5 Tips For Better Typography In Your Slides from Damon Nofar

Use these ideas to make a fantastic presentation on your timeline.

Because I am a Teen

We are all teens.  Please make a post that will show the following

My Favorite Song with mild lyrics is... Embed youtube Video

A hobby I have is ..... add a proper usage right photo and link

A sport I like is.... Add a youtube video

A movie star I like is .... add a proper usage right photo and link

A movie I want to see is ..... add a youtube movie Trailer

Title the post 2nd Assignment I am a Teen
Label the post all about me, Assignment 2, your user name

Internet Safety Assignment

Hi everyone.  Here is your first assignment.  You need to complete it by Monday Sept 29.

Add to your first post that we have started in class. It should have the following

  • Photo of a computer and a link showing that it has been check at Google or Flickr for usage rights.
  • Embed the videos below. Title each one and type your 5 point reaction to each video
  • Label your post internet safety, and your name
 Make sure that all the videos that you use are small before you embed them.

Here are the videos...

Talent Show

Bulletin Board 

Words Hurt




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