Monday, April 13, 2015

Here is your next project for technology.  I would like you to tell me something about Ancient Greece.  You need to choose a topic ANY topic from Ancient Greece and become an expert.  To become an expert requires you to 
  • explain your topic
  • cite sources
  • use images and information
Your unproject must be embedded at the blog by 3:30 on April 29th for Section 1 and by 3:30 on May 4 for Section 3.  That gives you 4 classes of technology and lots of home time to complete it.

At your blog you will create a blogpost to house all of this information.
  1. Title &&&&"s Greece Unproject
  2. Label it Greece Unproject, your user name
  3. The body of the blog post is a blank canvas for you to use.  Type on it, embed on it use it however you want.


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